November Thankful Post – Day 16 Sunday, Nov 16 2014 

I am thankful for technology. It allows me to run my business, have a business, keep in touch with friends and family around the world, and allows me to get messages even though I have no cell service at my house. (Gotta love mountain living!) And I’m super thankful for Hangouts, cause it allows me to communicate constantly and instantly.

November Thankful Post – Day 15 Saturday, Nov 15 2014 

Today I am thankful for little buzzers that keep me sane.

I’m going to keep that one cryptic. I like it that way. :)

November Thankful Post – Day 13 & 14 Friday, Nov 14 2014 

I am a little behind so here is my thankful post for yesterday and today. I am thankful for Netflix and people who have your back when you need them most.

Netflix allows me to escape and relax and I have some incredible people in my life who are there when I need them. <3

November Thankful Post – Day 12 Wednesday, Nov 12 2014 

Just under the wire, but today I am thankful for laughter and those that make me laugh.

The days that I spend laughing through them are the best! And I’m blessed to have a handful of people who make me laugh all the time and extremely loud!

November Thankful Post – Day 11 Tuesday, Nov 11 2014 

Today I am thankful for angels and a warrior.

And I’m thankful for an awesome spiritual guide that helps me learn more about this stuff!

November Thankful Post – Day 10 Monday, Nov 10 2014 

Today, I am thankful for pizza, snuggles and movie night with my sweet Lex.

These days are my favorite! <3

November Thankful Post – Day 9 Sunday, Nov 9 2014 

Today, I am thankful for a massage, a seaweed wrap, a detox foot bath, a mani and a haircut. It was a take care of me day.

Awww, I love my massage therapist and being spoiled! <3

November Thankful Post – Day 8 Saturday, Nov 8 2014 

Today, I am thankful for dating apps, for they let me know that I’ve come a long way and you have to be pretty awesome to talk to me. Yeah, I’m there.‪ #‎shitcurtsays‬

So, let me introduce you all to my employee, Curtis. He is hilarious and keeps me laughing all day, every day. He started this particular post and the King of Hashtags made it even more hilarious in the comments. See what I mean:

Hilarious Hashtagging

LOL! I still crack up reading it . Too darn funny. I’m thankful for him, too, but that’s another post! :)

Thankful Post – Day 7 Friday, Nov 7 2014 

Today I am thankful for nominations and those that made them. Social Media Maiden was nominated for the 2014 Business of the Year from the Evergreen Chamber in not one, but TWO categories! It is so wonderful to see my name alongside other community leaders that I respect and look up to and I am beyond honored.

It’s completely unreal to me that I won Young Professional of the Year in March and now am nominated for Business of the Year in November. I’m blessed that I don’t see my work as work and I love what I do. I just help people with their social media marketing. I get to hold awesome meetings and discuss their future plans and help them find ways to accomplish their goals. I’ve met some incredible people with incredible businesses along this journey. 2014 Award Nominees

If you feel so inclined, the voting is open until November 11th. You can vote here. ;) (Shameless plug, I know! Vote Social Media Maiden!)

Thankful Post – November 6 Thursday, Nov 6 2014 

Today, I am thankful for to-do lists. Even when they are long and terrifying, at least they are organized.

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